10 Reasons to Come to China II

10 Reasons to Come to China II


Last time we started presenting you our top 10 reasons for coming to China. Today we would like to enlarge our list by four more reasons. Here they are!
#4 Have fun at the Beach!
A beach may not be the first image that comes to your mind when you think about China. You will be surprised though about the warm and sunny weather you find in many coastal areas. Below you can see a picture of a beach in Zhuhai, Guangdong. If you are not lucky to be close to the sea check out Chengdu’s indoor beach at Global Center for some water fun!

InternChina- Zhuhai beach in Guangdong Province

#5 Ancient Architecture
The Great Wall is the most famous achievement of ancient Chinese architecture. The construction process started in the 7th century. During the following centuries the wall was amplified, rebuilt and restored. Most parts you can visit today have been built during the Ming Dynasty  (1368–1644). If you are interested in visiting the Great Wall it is most convenient to start your trip in Beijing. Hostels usually organize tours where you can walk on a section of the Great Wall for a couple of hours.

InternChina- The Great Wall of China

#6 Chinas’s Economic Boom
For years China has been the fastest-growing major economy growing by an average of almost 10%. Recently the growth rate decreased but China still is on an economic upswing. Thanks to its high export rates China has become a global economic superpower no one can ignore anymore. With the constant economic progress many cities keep growing rapidly. New factories and large office buildings are being built everywhere.

InternChina- Construction site in Chengdu

#7 Beautiful Language
China’s positive economic performance is prompting more and more people to learn Chinese. It definitely takes some time before you can write Chinese signs by memory but it is worth investing the time. You will soon find out how to combine signs and create new words with a different meaning. The spoken language though is much easier to learn because grammar is quite easy. Chinese people really love foreigner talking Chinese, even it is just 你好(ni hao = hello) or 谢谢 (xiexie = thank you).

InternChina- Learning Chinese

Learning Chinese will be a great experience. Look for an internship and apply now!