10 Reasons to Come to China I

10 Reasons to Come to China I

Not sure what China holds for you? Here are our personal Top 10 reasons why you should come to China!1. Enjoy the Incredible Nature!
2. Become a Star!
3. Delicious Cuisine!
4. Have Fun at the Beach!
5. Ancient Architecture!
6. China’s Economic Boom!
7. Beautiful Language!
8. China´s National Treasure: The Great Panda!
9. Lovely People!
10. Safe Money!

Today, we start off by explaining you our first three reasons!

#1 Enjoy the Incredible Nature!
Leaving the big cities behind China reveals its whole natural beauty to its visitors. The UNESCO lists 12 nature sights as World Heritage. Among the most famous is Zhangjiajie National Park. It served as setting for James Cameron’s movie Avatar in 2009.

InternChina- Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

Furthermore, the province Sichuan (literally translated four rivers) has a beautiful landscape. One of the biggest natural attractions is the UNESCO World Heritage and holy Buddhist mountain Emei Shan. It is an incredible experience to stand above the clouds.

InternChina- Visiting Emei Shan

#2 Become a Star!
Sometimes people might stare at you because you look different than the average Chinese person does. In this case just give them a smile and you will see that they give it back to you. Occasionally, they will ask you to join them for a group picture. This is just the prefect chance to get in touch with local people and improve your Chinese skills! But pose too long for pictures, your face will start hurting from all the smiling 😉

InternChina- Intern Ate poses for a picture

#3 Delicious Cuisine!
Unfortunately, we have to disappoint you if you are after an “all you can eat” Chinese restaurant.  What you will find in China though is even better and a lot cheaper! Especially the Sichuan cuisine, famous for its spice and authentic food. If you go there you definitely have to try Sichuan hot pot. All the ingredients are placed into a pot and are cooked right in front of you at the table.  In general, every dish is super fresh and tastes great because of the tremendous diversity of Chinese herbs.

InternChina- Traditional Sichuan Steamed Hotpot

So watch out for more reasons coming soon!

Coming to China will be a great experience. Look for an internship and apply now.