10 Reasons to do an International Internship

10 Reasons to do an International Internship

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You may not know it yet but internships are an essential bridge into the working world. By doing an internship you can see what aspects of business particularly take your fancy before you commit to a full time career.

So why do such an internship abroad I hear you say? Because not only do you gain this CV enhancing work experience but also the experience of working and living in a foreign culture where you will learn lots more than just business nuggets!

Here are 10 more reasons to apply with us and buy that plane ticket:

1. International internships stand out on your CV
When you begin your job hunt, you wont be the only one applying… an internship will definitely help you stand out from the crowd especially if it is an international one!
2. International internships are ready when you are
We can arrange your internship any time during the year which is most convenient for you.. This makes it possible for you to gain valuable experience even when you are constrained by time/money or other responsibilities.
3. Learn transferable skills to help you in your future career
Companies nowadays want people who can utilize their previous work experiences and apply them to the current job. A normal day working in China will face you with communication challenges, time management, cultural clashes and problem solving.. these are the skills which will be useful in the modern workplace.
4. Receive academic credit
It is quite common that your internship can be coupled with a university course in exchange for credit, ask your course administrator today if you are one of those lucky people!
5. Expand your global network
If you believe the mantra ‘your network is your networth’ then you will want to have friends in China! It is a major part of Chinese culture and no matter which industry you end up in.. its always who you know not just what you know! 😉
6. Improve your language skills
Languages always shine on a CV and Chinese is one of those languages where, if youre a Westerner, makes you look like a bonafied international master and you will be able to sell yourself like hotcakes!
7. Get ‘in’ with the Industry
If you do an internship with a reputable company then it is so much easier to get a career with their them, their partners or even competitors in the future.
8. Develop your global understanding
From an internship in China you will be able to see the world and work from a different perspective. You will also learn what is happening from the ground level of this new emerging super power!
9. Gain lifelong friends
Be it Asian, Chinese, or fellow Westerners, during your time in China you will meet some of the best people who you will share adventures with and build lifelong friendships.
10. Have an experience of a lifetime!
China is such a vast and cultured land you will find it hard not to be amazed, awed or astounded. Every day will show you something new and exciting to give you great stories to tell when you’re back home- ‘So this one time, in China…….’
Heard enough? Then go to our website, see the positions we offer, then head on over to the ‘apply now’ page and get your application to us!

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We look forward to meeting you!

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