2 Cities, 1 Unforgettable Experience

2 Cities, 1 Unforgettable Experience


Selecting an IC internship destination can be a truly daunting task. How can one possibly choose between panda central, tropical beach paradise, and the beautiful mountains of the north?! Fortunately, as an office intern, I have been given the wonderful opportunity to experience life in two of IC’s beautiful cities: Qingdao and Zhuhai!
Now for the ultimate question, “Which one more preferable?”. Well, of course the answer to that question is going to differ from person to person, but I can share a bit of my experience to give you a better idea of life in both cities.


Qingdao and Zhuhai have excellent transportation systems. You can navigate the cities easily with your bus cards.

Now for some pros and cons for both cities.

Qingdao Pros:
• The majority of buses charge only 1 RMB!! Going to and from work only cost me $0.30 a day!
• Adding money to your bus card is extremely easy – just stop by a kehao and have one of the workers behind the counter help you top it up.

Qingdao Cons:
• Heading to and from work can be a bit of a challenge if you’re on a popular route. Prepare to feel like canned sardines.
• Qingdao rush-hour can double the time it takes you to get home.

But don’t let these cons scare you away! Just pop in your headphones, check your email, or engage in some mindful meditation. Your commute home can be an excellent time to multitask!

Zhuhai Pros:
• Hello breathing room! You tend to have more space on public transportation in Zhuhai.
• Are you looking to get out of China for the weekend with your multiple entry visa? Hop on a bus headed to Gongbei and spend the day in Macau!

Zhuhai Cons:
• 2-3 RMB each way, rather than 1 in Qingdao
• Adding money can be a bit more difficult. You sometimes have to go to the bus station to top up your card.

**If you are more of a subway/metro person, you might consider heading to Chengdu.**


Qingdao is located in northern China and tends to experience four seasons throughout the year. Zhuhai, on the other hand, is located in the south and has a more tropical climate. If you are headed to China in the summer, I would highly recommend going to Qingdao. The weather is hot, but not scorching. Zhuhai is the perfect winter get away. Who doesn’t love t-shirt weather in January?! I know I sure do!


Both Qingdao and Zhuhai are excellent for those looking to do some traveling both in and outside China.

• 5 hour train ride to Beijing
• 6 hour train ride to Nanjing/Shanghai
• 1 hour flight to Seoul
• Great for a weekend trip to the Yellow Mountains

• 15-30 minute taxi to Macau
• ~1 hour ferry to Hong Kong
• Get out of the city and experience more rural regions, such as the Yunnan Province in the west
• Spend a weekend in breathtaking Yangshuo
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