3 days in Canton’s capital – Guangzhou

3 days in Canton’s capital – Guangzhou

Last week InternChina’s Zhuhai gang relocated  to Guangdong’s capital for the big weekend. 15 people spent three days and two nights exploring the third biggest city in China.  How was it? Tiring, soaking-wet and … AWESOME!
Here is what we have to say about it:

Kessy: (German, fluent in Japanese, currently trying to work out Mandarin and the 4 tones dilemma )

“It was a crazy, wet, loud, hot weekend, full of fun and interesting sights. Loved the contrast between the peaceful Garden (Guangzhou Museum) and the crazy loud music in the Club. Met new friends and made some great memories to remember.”

InternChina – Dinner

Darya: (Russian, very nice. Includes her Chinese host family in her skype calls to Russia).

“A trip to Guangzhou was a perfect mix of exploring the city’s culture, meeting new friends, shopping and just having fun. It was great that we had a chance to see the Dragon Boat Festival, which was quite impressive. And I finally managed to witness the genuine tea ceremony at the tea market. Of course, I’ve seen it earlier but you can only trust the Chinese people! ”

Maxime: (French-Canadian, often asks people why they need sleep when we have Red Bull)


“Had a great time with the gang of InternChina, had loads of fun exploring the different corners of the city.  Marvelous! ”

Anna: (Swedish, goes around chatting in 7 different languages)

“The trip to Guangzhou was, despite the weather, a really nice trip. I especially liked the markets and that we had a lot of free time to explore the city ourselves. Next time though, slow down the tours a little and try to talk to the weather gods before we arrive 😉 ” (Agreed)

Pierre: (French, gives away mojitos and hugs)

InternChina – Spending Time Together

“In our hostel in front of Canton’s River, we spend our time in peaceful climate and mixed together with people from each continent. By visiting tea, art and sport places we discovered a huge city in which I already spent 2 days for the biggest Canton Trade Fair with my internship company, an incredible place where we can find business opportunities. Finally I appreciated enjoying the European Football Championship games of my teams (France & Spain) in a particular place: a club, with Chinese fans & other foreigners. An experience you won’t be able to try in any other place in this world ”

Bassem: (Canadian/Lebanese. Local everywhere he goes).

“As big and confusing as it gets, there’s always a way in Guangzhou 🙂 ” ( Bassem, there is always a way for you everywhere!)

Overall, it was a really fun trip.   We (The InternChina team) are really happy to have such a big bunch of fun, adventurous  people from different backgrounds here with us! Hope to see you all this weekend!


InternChina – Zhuhai