50% discount on Prodygia training courses

50% discount on Prodygia training courses


InternChina is pleased to announce it has negotiated a 50% discount for all our clients off a selected few training courses, through Prodygia, an online training company. The courses cover an introduction to Mandarin and how business is carried out in China.
Once you have booked one of these programmes, whether it be funded or self-funded you will automatically be sent a promotional code to use on the Prodygia website to gain a discount of 50% off the courses which can be used anywhere in the world on any internet-abled device.

International Interns

Get The Most Out of Your China Internship

The discounted courses have been handpicked by InternChina staff to ensure its relevance and will be most beneficial to our clients before, during and after their time in China.

Our support on place is second to none and we do our best to get you settled in your internship and surroundings as soon as you arrive, but if you feel like you would benefit from knowing more about the language and culture before you get to China then this is surely the most cost effective and easiest way to do so.
I hope you enjoy the courses as much as their previous customers have, find them very useful and it leads to even better time in China that you are guaranteed to have with InternChina.