A Journey through Chendu I – People´s Park

A Journey through Chendu I – People´s Park


For the average Chengdu resident it probably was not the most interesting thing, but for the foreigners, especially those who are ready to discover Chengdu metros might be one of the first things, which they may become curious about. Therefore, we present you a series of metro stations in order to introduce Chengdu in an approachable way.
People’s Park

In People’s Republic of China, there are a lot of things contain the word “people” ;), the Chinese currency RMB: people’s currency, the Central Bank of China: People’s Bank. In a lot of major cities one can easily find a people’s park.

People´s Park Chengdu

How’s the People’s Park of Chengdu different from the other ones?

Once called “Shaocheng Park”, the history of People’s Park can be dated back to 1911, when the last dynasty of China was forced to give up its power. As the dominating 满族(manchu people) lost their privileges, they had no choice but to make their living by themselves. For example, they transformed their palace into park and required entrance fee. It has soon attracted a lot of non-manchu citizens. Women who were not allowed to visit public places before then came to visit the park in Chengdu.

Traditional Craft

People’s Park as popular place for dates:

For young women, the park was not only a place to hang out, but also for having dates. During the transformation from feudal society to republic, the Chinese mentality changed a lot. Thus, the strict manner of Confucianism has lost its importance. However, Chinese people were not yet open enough for new thoughts.  Most young Chinese women rather wanted to look for their future husband themselves than getting an arranged marriage by their parents. Discreet and elegant, the park was a perfect place for dates.

Enjoying Green Tea

You can also find some nice tea houses and restaurants where you can enjoy traditional Chinese and Sichuanese cuisine. The tea houses are usually crowded with a lot of old local people who play Mahjong and Chinese chess. The fresh smell of nice Chinese Green Tea is a perfect experience on a Sunday morning while sitting next to the beautiful lake of Chengdu’s People´s Park.


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