A Night Out in Zhuhai

A Night Out in Zhuhai


Hey everybody,
It’s me again. Missed me already?

My time in Zhuhai is flying by! Unbelievable! Just had my first weekend here.

I have to admit that I was a little lazy on Friday. I had a long Skype call with my parents, watched a movie and went to bed. But that was only to be up and awake on Saturday. Starting the day by having breakfast, doing the laundry and doing our nails. Jenny (my beloved flat mate and colleague) and I decided to clean the kitchen and prepare the freezer for the coming summer.

During these activities we got a message that there will be a burger-eating competition at London Lounge (a British bar really close to our flat and the beach).

We did not join in but we did enjoy a normal-sized burger with fries and fish & chips whilst observing the competition. They even had deep fried Snickers Bars. Those 1-kg burgers were so huge:

InternChina - Huge burger at London Lounge
InternChina – Huge burger at London Lounge

After that we went for a run along the lovers road, passing the fisher girl .

Having showered and with the plan to go to the bar street, we took the bus and met some of the interns at one of the bars there. Inside some guy was on stage singing Chinese songs. As it was really nice and warm weather on Saturday we sat outside. Some fires were burning and the trees were lighted. It was romantic.

Having drank a cocktail or two we went on our search for a nice Club (first night clubbing in Zhuhai for me). In the first club which we entered, I noticed that there were tables in the whole place. And the people who were standing around those tables were served by waiters. I don’t know about you but I never saw such a club before. Unfortunately all tables were taken so we went out again to search for another club.

InternChina – Enjoying the night

In this club, it was the same situation as in the first, tables were everywhere but they had more space in between. When we came in, there was a Chinese guy singing and the whole club sang along from time to time. We tried to join in a little! Some minutes later the stage was open to jump on and dance. Which we did. Funny thing that you could see was that in the beginning there were only foreigners dancing. But later some Chinese dared to show their dancing skills and soon two of them asked us to join their table. They invited us for some Chinese wine and a Budweiser.

InternChina – VIP table

Being back on the dance floor it didn’t take long for a woman to invite us to her table. VIP this time. They had a huge bottle of cognac on their table and also Chinese wine. We were offered different fruits, snacks and green tea, too.

Also, I was presented with a really expensive bouquet by one Chinese guy. Awesome!

InternChina – I have a fan

It was a really nice evening in which we made a lot of local friends. I am looking forward to our next night out.

See you and 再见,

Gianna aka Gini aka 吉娜。

P.S. Some of you might want to know what happened to my back after the cupping about which I told you in my last blog. Well, those circles act like normal bruises even though they are much bigger and unusually many. At the moment they have some green-yellowish color. My back still feels a little sore I have to admit…

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