A Summer School Internship by Daniel

A Summer School Internship by Daniel

My name is Daniel and I am the new intern at the InternChina Office in Qingdao. I am 22 years old and studying Business Psychology at the Hochschule Fresenius in Hamburg, Germany. My major includes two very interesting fields and I had never regretted choosing it. At the moment I have summer vacation for two months and start in September in my very last 6th semester.

Daniel in Shanghai

So why did I choose to come to China?

I have never been out of Europe and I thought it would be not easy to make such an experience of a different culture after I will finish my major. Furthermore, China is a rapidly growing market and I think it becomes more and more important for us Europeans to learn more about the culture and business in China. Another reason for the decision: I love Chinese, especially really spicy, food.


delicious Chinese cuisine

Therefore, the InternChina Summer School programme came at the right time and gave me this unique opportunity. I am staying here for two months during my summer vacation and I’m enjoying a great time so far.

I will tell you guys more about the very interesting Summer School programme from InternChina in cooperation with my university soon!


Summer School dinner with the InternChina Chengdu office manager Jenny

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