Anna- New intern in Qingdao

Anna- New intern in Qingdao


My name is Anna and I’m from Germany. I’m the new marketing intern at the InternChina office in Qingdao.  I’m currently pursuing International Marketing studies in the Netherlands, which I really enjoy! I decided to do an internship in China because I’m always up to something different and I wanted to see for myself what China is all about.

I haven’t been in Qingdao very long…only starting my second week! So far I would describe my experience as being  “yin and yang”. There are many good things that I really appreciate and there are also some things that are not my cup of tea, but still worth the experience!

My journey to China began in Düsseldorf. After an 18-hour flight I finally arrived in Qingdao and was greeted by my lovely colleague Amber. The temperature in the city is around 35 degrees in August. Everybody who knows what the weather in Germany is like could be a little overwhelmed by such high temperatures. Lucky me, I live in an apartment with air conditioning!


InternChina - Anna
InternChina – Anna

On my first day, I went out for authentic Chinese food. After ordering something I could not understand I hoped for the best and got a nice and delicious fish menu for less than 5€. As I don’t speak any Chinese yet, ordering food in a typical Chinese restaurant isn’t easy and you must be very creative. Not many Chinese people speak English around here, which makes communication very hard at times. This is the “yin” part for me.

On the “yang” side, there are also many very nice and extraordinary things I discovered. For example: the adoration for the western look. If you have ever wanted to feel like a celebrity, China is a good place to go! The way people look at you and observe things you do is quite funny. Many want to take pictures of you or with you and some daring people even ask for an autograph! For some, mainly Chinese tourists from the countryside, it’s the first time they see someone from a different country and not just on a billboard!

InternChina - Yin Yang
InternChina – Yin Yang

Qingdao is a very beautiful city next to the sea with many Western influenced cafés and restaurants. Walking along the promenade at night is a must-do. You can enjoy the beautiful Qingdao skyline, listen to live music and buy some souvenirs at the cute little beach stands.

InternChina - Evening
InternChina – Evening

I would really recommend doing an internship in Qingdao. It’s a very Western influenced city that has still kept it’s old Chinese culture. You will never forget the many different experiences and impressions you will gain while here. Although I know I could not live in China my whole life, I’m confident that I will have a wonderful time meeting new people from all around the world, gaining really nice working experience in a foreign business environment and being immersed in a very different lifestyle!

If an internship in China seems fitting to you, apply here!