Arrival in Zhuhai

Arrival in Zhuhai

InternChina- Gongbei District in Zhuhai

Hello everyone! / 你好!

I am Michæl and I am one of the new interns at the InternChina office in Zhuhai.  I just arrived here 2 nights ago.  I am originally from Boston but currently live in Montréal for university.  Door-to-door the voyage took me 26 hours – not too bad considering that I have essentially traversed the planet!

My host family is great and I have high hopes for what this experience can bring. While having a great degree of familiarity with many Indo-European languages, I am finding it of little utility here in China!  I am slowly learning some Mandarin and hope to have functional fluency by the time I leave.

Zhuhai is a beautiful city located along the coast,bordering Macao SAR and  just a 50 minute ferry ride from Hong Kong SAR, it is definitely a good place to be!

I’ve attached a photo I found on Flickr of the Gongbei district in Zhuhai.