Au revoir Qingdao! Goodbye Qingdao!

Au revoir Qingdao! Goodbye Qingdao!


Ni hao! Hi readers! Bonjour lecteurs!
Well… this is already my last blog. Ceci est mon dernier blog. Le temps passe si vite! This coming Sunday I will be getting on a plane for a long journey home…24 hours to be exact!  Yes, it will be long and tiresome and probably very boring, but after three months in Qingdao, I will be glad to be back on my own turf and see friends and family.

These past months have been quite a memorable experience. From crazy taxi rides with drivers who don’t speak a word of English to seeing scorpions and silk worms on a stick, I must say that the best thing of all was meeting many great people from all walks of life. If it weren’t for the amazing people I met here and bonded with, my integration in Qingdao would not have been the same and far less enriching. C’est vrai que voyager façonne qui nous sommes et nous aide à grandir.

I must also give a shout out to my wonderful teacher Kitty who has been nothing less than patient and kind with me. Not seeing her with her mug of green tea in the morning will take some getting used to. It is thanks to her that I discovered a new interest for learning Chinese and wish to pursue it this fall semester.

During my last two weekends in China, I am so grateful to have been able to visit Shanghai and Beijing. There is a noticeable difference between both cities and it’s nice to leave China with the ability to compare them.
While much of Shanghai’s charm is composed of the Bund and it’s beautiful infamous skyline, Beijing’s charm takes root in its historical buildings and authenticity. A must see while there (aside from the Great Wall duh) is the Summer Palace. Built in the span of only 14 years, it is to this day one of the biggest and well-preserved gardens in the world. There are many great pictures to take and towers to admire!

I must say that I really enjoyed my first trip to China and the opportunity to learn first hand about its culture. There are so many differences/similarities to be observed and they all contribute to making coming to China worthwhile. Qingdao is indeed a growing city with many things to do and discover. I will keep very good memories of hiking up Mount Fushan and Laoshan with the other interns. It was so fun and such good exercise!

En bref, ces trois mois passé à Qingdao je ne les oublirai pas! C’est une expérience d’une vie, une occasion pour apprendre sur soi-même et de se mettre au défi ! Bien sûr, comme toute choses, il y a des hauts et des bas, mais c’est vite oublié quand tu es entouré de gens dynamiques, ouverts et tout simplement génial !

Un grande grazie al team InternChina ! Un gros merci au gens que j’ai rencontré lors de ce séjour pour avoir parsemé mon voyage de joie et fous rires ! A big thank you to my Chinese teacher Kitty !


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