Awesome Night at KTV in Qingdao

Awesome Night at KTV in Qingdao


Last Friday Qingdao Office and most of the interns had an epic night at KTV.
KTV, short form of Karaoke Television is the Asian way of karaoke. The establishments usually have 10-20 rooms for different group sizes each of them equipped with every high tech you need for an amazing karaoke experience. A small stage with a golden microphone, at least two huge Screens so that you can read the lyrics and see the video from every corner of the room, incredibly powerful speakers and a few portable microphones so that everybody who desires to is able to sing along.

InternChina- KTV in Qingdao

In China Karaoke is THE thing to do on birthdays, other celebrations or just for a simple meeting with colleagues. Hence, in order to celebrate the birthday of our friend Nathan the whole group consisting of InternChina staff, Interns and Chinese friends made its way to the nearest KTV bar. And it was an awesome experience!

While most of the Western people are embarrassed if they have to sing in front of a group, the Chinese show a completely different habit. Even the most silent Chinese girl of our group rocked the KTV bar more than the most outgoing European. From the second we stepped inside our private Karaoke room our Chinese friends entertained us perfectly.

But a few drinks and a few inspiring performances later our group lost its shyness and dived into the sparkling world of Karaoke. From Chinese Charts through European Toplists up to Karaoke classics such as Wonderwall from Oasis we made our way through the Chinese nightlife culture.

And to be honest I had more fun at the Chinese KTV birthday party than I ever had on a German one.

So go ahead, grab your friends and look for the next KTV establishment. I promise it’s going to be an unforgettable night.

Enjoy this video I made.

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