Beach/Goodbye Party in Qingdao!

Beach/Goodbye Party in Qingdao!

Due to the fact that two of our interns were leaving soon, we thought it would be great to organize a party with all the interns and their friends. We rented a little location at the beach, some speakers and a BBQ grill. The BBQ was as awesome as ever. We had vegetables, all kinds of meat and bread for the nearly-40 people who came. It was delicious!

The party started with fireworks (thanks to the nice Chinese couple who celebrated their wedding right around the corner), a worthy beginning for a great night.

Unfortunately, it was raining on Saturday night, no reason for us to cancel the party though! We were all soaking wet after a while, but thankfully we had great food, enough drinks and an awesome atmosphere so nobody even realized that it was raining.

Later at night we left the beach location to see the Champions League final, Bayern Munich vs. Borussia Dortmund. Two of our interns dressed up with jerseys and we all watched the game together in the local bar LPG. Did you see the match? It was so exciting!

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