Beach party in Qingdao!

Beach party in Qingdao!


Ni Hao!

So far I have been in Qingdao for a almost a month- crazy how quickly a month goes by!

I have really enjoyed getting to know the team here and all of the other interns who all make the experience fun even when it gets busy here in the Qingdao office! Not sure if my Chinese has improved a lot since I wrote a blog, but I hope my pronunciation has!

This past Saturday the InternChina office hosted a beach party along Shi Lao Ren Beach aka. the Old Man beach! We had unlimited beer (Tsingtao beer of course!) and music along the beach which was so much fun! We originally planned for the party to start at 5pm and end at 10pm, but somehow it finished at 2.30 am….

Here are a few pictures from Saturday night! I can’t wait till we start to do this more often when summer comes along!

IMG_0657 IMG_0652 IMG_0646

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