Benefits of Doing Remote Internships with Pagoda Projects

Benefits of Doing Remote Internships with Pagoda Projects


Due to Covid-19 almost every sector has been affected, with education being impacted greatly. Although staying at home can initially sound a bit frustrating, thanks to Pagoda remote internships, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make the most out of it.

Through our remote internship platform, remote interns have spent their summer months communicating within their growing network, interacting with internationally based colleagues and building on their current skillset. Through virtual meetings and online classes, working from home and remote internships have become extremely popular and this growing popularity is not only due to this being a much safer option, but by far a more comfortable option!

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For most of us, spending the extra 3-4 hours getting ready for work and using public transport every day can become a huge slog, taking up a large part of our days, so a remote experience gives the perfect opportunity to stay home and intern from home. The hot topic of ‘remote working’ and the ability to use digital tools effectively is only growing and it is becoming an ever-important skill to have and the online sessions with guest speakers, cultural mentor scheme and online language classes that are on offer during a Pagoda remote programme are allowing us to gain these skills.  

The reputation of internships is constantly evolving, and these remote opportunities are increasing in popularity and worth due to the barriers being much smaller than in-person programmes and the international business world is much more accessible.


Why you should experience a remote internship?

The first thing to consider when it comes to remote interning is your ideal work environment and how you get the most out of your productivity and there are so many benefits to remote programmes that make this the ideal opportunity.

The Pagoda Projects team were amazing throughout the internship and I always felt that if I ever needed anything they were always their to help me. -Miles Vellozzo, Remote intern in Qingdao

The 8 Key Benefits of a Pagoda Remote Internship

1- No Commute
No commute

How much time do you spend on getting ready and going to work? On an average day, it can take 2-3 hours from waking up to arriving at work which works against your daily productivity. With remote internships, you can have a structured schedule with no time wasted on the metro or city bus and the minutes of your working day are controlled by you and your daily tasks.

2- The Perfect Workspace
The Perfect Workspace

Of course, with in-person internships, you’ll always have your desk space, however, during a busy day, it isn’t always likely that you’ll be able to enjoy this space. With a remote internship, you’ll never have to leave your comfort zone if you have a stable internet connection; it can be anywhere you like, somewhere you’ve been inspired to work even. Our current Pagoda intern loves to sit on her balcony and enjoy a cup of tea and the cool breeze whilst remote working on a hot summer day.

3- Gain Competency Skills
Gain Compentancy Skills

In today’s working world, when looking at your CV, companies will now always look at your digital skills. From video editing to digital marketing and online networking, a Pagoda remote internship allows you to practice each of these skills separately to find your strengths and learn the basics of a variety of skills. You’ll also have access to our skills courses focusing on intercultural communication, employability and digital competency, everything you need when preparing for the working world. What’s more, you’ll receive a certificate on completion to shout about!

Experience a New Culture
4- Experience a New Culture

An in-person programme limits your new connections to just one area but during your remote internship, you’ll chat with your manager in China through an online conference without even leaving your room. On top of this, you’ll take part in the cultural mentor programme which allows you to exchange cultural knowledge with your personal cultural mentor; from this, you’ll learn even more about our host company’s culture and country and make a new friend outside of your professional network.

5- Join Our Global Network
Join our Global Network

We all know networking can do wonders for opening opportunities and remote internships allow you to network through online events including Q&A sessions and workshops with guest speakers to social events such as cooking classes and quizzes.

6- APP based – Carry your Internship in your Pocket
APP based - Carry your Internship in your Pocket

Another benefit that Pagoda Projects provides is a mobile app. This means you have access to communications and resources not just from your laptop but also from your phone. You can sign up for your next cultural mentorship session, our online events and join personal development groups that take place on the app, such as leadership, cultural mentorship, problem-solving and much more… It’s so easy to use!

7- Internship with Trusted Companies
Internship with Trusted Companies

Pagoda Projects not only provides you with an internship, but we also provide the best internship to fit your skills, interest and studies. There is no limit on sectors which gives participants the perfect opportunity to improve themselves or gain experience in a brand-new field. This also allows you to move out of your comfort zone and begin something new!

Personalised Support from The Pagoda Team
8- Personalised Support from The Pagoda Team

Our team is focused on providing the best experience for you. During every step of your application, our team members will provide the assistance you need to ensure we find the perfect placement for you. With a remote internship it can be very tricky when applying as you won’t meet your company face-to-face but thanks to Pagoda, we will build the bridge between the participant and the host company.

All the members have been very useful and are easy to contact. They have also been very good at engaging us in other activities, both educational and social activities! -Andrae Fegalquin, Remote intern in Qingdao

The management was great, all the staff were wonderful to talk to and very supportive. -Arlin Mathew, Remote intern in HCMC

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