Brigitte’s Introduction Blog

Brigitte’s Introduction Blog


你好!After a little hiccup at Hong Kong airport and a two day delay due to a typhoon, I’ve finally made it to the bustling city of Chengdu. My name is Brigitte, or 浩羚 (Haoling), and I’m really excited to join the InternChina team in Chengdu for the next 6 months. I studied Chinese in London but am at home on a tiny island of Spain at the moment.

InternChina- Chengdu’s new intern Brigitte

With family in Hong Kong I have had insight into Chinese culture and lifestyle all my life and I believed I knew what to expect when I first came to Beijing in 2010, to spend my year abroad there. Clearly, I was mistaken. Unlike Hong Kong, where Western influences have become so ingrained, Beijing had a very distinct feel to it. I could best describe it as ‘organised chaos’, and certainly amongst the most exciting time of my life. Sure, there were things to get used to – Chinese customs that are unthinkable in Europe – but overall, I felt drawn to their culture and way of life.

And so I pointed all my future prospects at China, and an internship was exactly what I needed to get started. Only about a month and a half after my first contact with Jenny (office manager of InternChina, Chengdu), my application had been processed, my visa verified and my plane tickets bought. I have only spent a day here so far, but I’m prickling with excitement for all that this new city has to offer.

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