Bye Bye Zhuhai – Until next time

Bye Bye Zhuhai – Until next time


Goodbye Zhuhai – Until next time
Time flies, especially when you live and work in an amazing city like Zhuhai. I can’t believe that I am already back in China for more than 4 months, it feels like I arrived yesterday. Working with Interchina provided me with a very unique look into the Chinese business world and equipped me with a whole new skillset for my future.


During my time here I met a lot of awesome people and made tons of new friends. Helping young people and talents from all over the world to find a cool internship in this beautiful city was an exciting task. I have seen a lot of different places and cities in China, but  Zhuhai will always be a second home for me.

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My Journey and love for China began in 2012, when I did my first internship with InternChina. Since then I could never really 100% return to my normal German life. As you can imagine, I was more than thrilled to be able to work for InternChina itself at the beginning of this year. After this epic internship, I will continue my China adventure with a full-time position in Hunan, which I am also very excited about. Whatever may come after I leave Zhuhai, I’m very confident that my time at InternChina prepared my well for everything that might come at me. I want to thank everyone of the InternChina team for all the awesome work they are doing every day and say zaijian 再见.IMG_20150626_194113_HDR