Caught in between classical and modern China

Caught in between classical and modern China


你们 好!
My name is Joshua Wenn, I am a recent graduate from the Culture and Economics of China program at Hamburg University. I arrived at Chengdu a few days ago and am looking forward to a three month internship at InternChina.

I have been to Chengdu for a summer-school program organised by my university once before and can definitely say that it was a life changing experience. Before coming to Chengdu I went on a vacation to Shanghai with some friends. When we arrived I was overwhelmed by the beautiful skyline of Shanghai. Even though I visited my mother’s hometown Manila (Philippines) quite a few times, I have to say that this was something really special. Wanting to learn more about the Chinese culture not shown by the media I was surprised at how much Shanghai had already adapted to western culture, which made me even more curious for Chengdu.


After an adventurous 30 hour train ride with neither a place to sit nor a bed to sleep we finally arrived in Chengdu. But hey, we were in China, experiences like that is why I came here in the first place and wow this city was worth the ride. It was exactly what I hoped for and even more. Compared to Shanghai it was a more traditional China which I had always hoped to see. I thought it was the perfect middle ground between a bustling Chinese metropolis with so many things to explore and not too much of a culture shock  for somebody who is in China for the very first time.


During my one month stay in Chengdu Sichuan Normal Universty, I had the opportunity to visit and see a lot of different places in and around Chengdu like the world famous Panda Base, Leshan buddha, Sichuan opera and Qingcheng mountain.

I could not have imagined a better first visit and am flattered that I now have the opportunity to explore this city even further. I am looking forward to gaining the most out of this internship!