Challenges 2021

Pagoda Challenges


We have created 10 different challenges for you, through which you can pick up 6 leaderboard points per challenge!

Also, if you submit a testimonial video about your programme then we will award a further 70(!) points!

How to Submit Entries

You can submit the entries with your regular check-in under ‘Photo/Video Challenge Entries’ (screenshot below).
For larger files, send to via Wetransfer

Where possible, you are encouraged to use the Landscape orientation.
Remember to name the files with the same name as the challenge title!

And then, you are all set to go!

Challenge List

Show us what your home workspace looks like, what kind of set up you have to make you feel comfortable working from home.
Share a video tour or pictures with us!

How high can you go?

Stack the Pagoda Origami layers on top of each other to build the tallest pagoda possible! Send us a pic of your achievements!

Switching things up

Where in or around your house/flat would be the craziest place to work (e.g. under the bed). Share a picture of the strangest place in your house to work!

What does your #WFH daily routine look like – breakfast, lunch, break, cultural mentor session, exercise? Send us 5 pictures that represent a ‘Day in the life’ of your internship – or go ahead and make a short video!

Screenshot yourself on a video call with your host company or colleagues on the other side of the world!


Need a happy mood booster? This no prep, do anywhere blindfold drawing challenge is an opportunity to share some laughs in the midst of your internship programme!

Before blindfolding yourself, ask someone to record you – or, if you’re brave, try and do it yourself! Then, shoot your best shot at drawing the Pagoda logo. Good luck!


Challenge yourself to get back on the mat with your own personal sequence! A fun, inspiring, and totally doable at-home 6-minute exercise. Record yourself or take a picture of the most important part, the Pagoda Pose!

We’ve gathered some tasty recipes from the 3 main Pagoda destinations Vietnam, China and Mexico, for you to try and cook!

Unleash your inner cook and share the final result with us – make us hungry! (Need to attempt 2 recipes to gain the points!)

You know when someone comes over and your parents start showing them old photos of you? Well… we want you to take one and recreate it! Let’s see how much you’ve changed (or not ?).

Time to get creative, and this one is all about DIY ? Go search your own home and see what you can find in order to recreate the Pagoda logo.

Note – Can be flat on the floor or standing up


Testimonial Video


Send videos to using Wetransfer






Send to

Tag #pagodaprojects #mypagodastory and mention us @pagodaprojects on all platforms

Terms & Conditions

Please note that by submitting a challenge entry you agree to be bound to the following Challenges terms and conditions:


  • Pagoda Projects may use, reproduce distribute and display challenge entries within the scope of our website and social media channels
  • Do not post any photos or videos that might be considered unlawful, infringe on people’s privacy, cause offence or unwanted attention
  • Always make sure that you have gained permission of anyone else in these entries to submit them to us.