Charity and PR Webinar

Charity and PR Webinar


On the 20th of September, we hosted a fantastic event: Charity and PR.

Charity is voluntarily giving to those in need, basically working to give someone help and happiness. Collaborating with bigger and more well-known companies can give your PR a boost, especially when working in a smaller charity.


Charities and public sector organizations are different businesses with different missions. They have a core purpose where they help people in need. Their communication and missions are meant to have greater meaning- usually for a very good cause. These organizations exist and thrive because of their difference and communications.


It has been inspiring listening to amazing entrepreneurs and their strong voices such as our guest speaker:

Jack Everett

Jack Everett – PR Manager at UnicefUK with over eight years experience in the PR and Media industry

Jamie bettles

Jamie Bettles – Managing Director at Pagoda Projects

About Jack Everett:

After completing a three-month internship with InternChina/Pagoda Projects in Zhuhai, Jack joined a consumer PR agency working with a range of brands and businesses across the UK. During this time, he worked on a number of integrated PR and marketing campaigns that involved orchestrating high profile print, online, and broadcast interviews, managing photo shoots, writing copy for press releases, websites, and magazine features. After three years on the agency-side, Jack joined the UK’s largest dementia charity, Alzheimer Society, working as a Media Officer for two years promoting the organization’s fundraising and policy work. Today, he works for UNICEF UK as a PR Manager. His work includes communicating with the charity’s high profile supporters and ambassadors, corporate partners, and international colleagues to manage flagship fundraising events such as soccer aid for UNICEF- and supports the organization’s mission to ensure the safety of every child, especially in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.


Topics discussed:

General advice about working in the charity sector. If you’re looking for a profession that really makes a difference in people’s lives, finding a job in charity and fundraising could be your key to career happiness. There are lots of reasons why you should work in the charity sector but some of the highlights are a sense of fulfillment, meeting a wide range of people, job stability, job satisfaction and much more…


Top quotes:

“It is so important to kind of know that you are not necessarily going to step straight into your dream job, it might be that you kind of have to go down a little bit and do something you’re less interested in, or what you can be quite clear is about identifying what do you need to have in terms of experience to get that dream job.” – Jack Everett

“Social media is a great way of engaging people for charities now.” – Jack Everett



​There is no doubt that a career in the third sector can be both rewarding and stimulating, and can offer employees the chance not only to make the present a better place but to also be part of shaping the future. It’s an equally valuable route – and potentially a better one if you want to build up a particular area of expertise.

Golden Tip:

“Charity brings to life again those who are spiritually dead.” –  Thomas Aquinas