Chengdu Arrival – Five More Months in China

Chengdu Arrival – Five More Months in China


More of China!

As soon as I finished studying in Suzhou, Jiangsu, I knew I wasn’t ready to leave China, there was so much more that I wanted to learn and experience. Luckily, I found InternChina and the opportunity to use my new knowledge of business in China and basic Mandarin, and so, I began planning my Chengdu arrival.

My Chinese teacher and I in Suzhou
My Chinese teacher and I – 我的 汉语老师 和 我

Back to the Start

When I arrived in China in February 2017, I experienced some culture shock, although that easily went away once I started socializing more with other international students and locals. That’s what I enjoy the most about living, studying, and now working in China- being connected to the international community. Learning about a new city on your own is fun but having tips and advice from people living in the area is always an advantage. Therefore I am excited to be part of the community that InternChina developed in Chengdu over years.

What is Suzhou like?

Suzhou is smaller compared to Chengdu, but it does have the same relaxing vibe. It’s widely known for being the Venice of China as it contains beautiful water towns that still look good for their age, along with two beautiful lakes, Jinji and Dushu.

Sunset at Jinji Lake in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
My second day in China – Jinji Lake, Suzhou

I lived in the urban area called SIP, which was easy because it’s filled with universities and felt like a student city. The city centre boasts a big international atmosphere, and everywhere you go there were foreign students from all parts of the world!

My Travels

Apart from studying, I took the opportunity to travel as much and as far as I could. My first little city trip was visiting the great Buddha in Lingshan, Wuxi, and later I saw the beautiful and serene West Lake in Hangzhou. Lastly, some fun and exciting nights in Shanghai!



While traveling in China was fun, getting to travel to other Asian countries was great! First, I got to see a breath-taking view at the Victoria Peak in Hong Kong, and then I did some island hopping and hiked mount Hallasan in Jeju, South Korea. Finally,I saw the sun rise over Mount Fuji on my flight to Tokyo.


Chengdu Arrival

Now that I am in Chengdu and working, I don’t plan to stop travelling, and alongside InternChina, I’m going to get to know the Sichuan province very well.

Going from school to work can sometimes be difficult, but fortunately for me, the office environment has been very comfortable and fun. I’m happy to work with easy going colleagues who are professional and have strong work ethic. I am excited to introduce InternChina to other schools in the Netherlands and the Caribbean.

Tacey in the Chengdu, Sichuan, China office with a stuffed panda on her head
Updating the Chengdu team profile on the WeChat account

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