Chengdu Climate

Chengdu Climate


InternChina - Chengdu climate graph
InternChina – Chengdu climate graph

The city of Chengdu is located in the western Sichuan province of China. The four seasons of Chengdu are relatively distinct. Due to its subtropical monsoon climate, Chengdu sees a lot of rain throughout the year. Most days are cloudy, foggy or drizzly. The golden periods to visit Chengdu are March to June and September to November.

Spring is from March to May, is it a pretty season in Chengdu with the grass getting greener and flowers and trees blossoming. Spring showers are common so it would be best to take an umbrella at this time. Nights can be chilly so long sleeved shirts or sweaters would be most suitable for everyday wear.

Summer is from June to early September and is mainly hot and humid. July and August sees heavy rainfall so always take an umbrella with you. Although it is hot and sticky, you can escape the humid weather by visiting nearby surrounding mountains where you will be able to catch a lovely summer breeze. For everyday wear, it is recommended to wear light cotton clothing and waterproof footwear.

Autumn is from mid September till the end of October or early November. Chengdu can be cool and damp during this season with sharp and frequent temperature changes. The beautiful Autumn nature along with the cool temperature makes it the best time to visit Chengdu. Jackets and umbrellas would be suitable when visiting at this time.

Winter is from mid November to February. This season is very cold due to the clouds and moist weather. Fortunately there is light rainfall in this season, however thick sweaters and coats would be most suitable for everyday wear here.

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