Chengdu hosted the 12th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention (WCEC)

Chengdu hosted the 12th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention (WCEC)


Chengdu is a city on the rise – the new economic centre of Western China. Growing. Every day.But the rise is not only visible in Chengdu or China. Chengdu conquers the global economic landscape more and more – chasing up cities like Beijing, London, Shanghai, Singapore or New York. This year´s Global Fortune 500 Forum was only the beginning. The New Century Global Center which is the world’s biggest freestanding building is just another example.

InternChina- Enjoying the New Century Global Center in Chengdu

Furthermore, Chengdu hosted the 12th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention (WCEC) last week. The WCEC aims to bring Chinese entrepreneurs, who have big businesses or small enterprises all over the world, together under one roof. Every two years the WCEC organises a meeting to further establish a global economic network linking Chinese entrepreneurs.

InternChina-Chengdu hosted the World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention

This year, due to its current economic boom, Chengdu, was chosen. More than 3000 Chinese businessmen and entrepreneurs from over 104 countries were gathered in Chengdu to talk about the global economic environment for Chinese businessmen as well as economic challenges that need to be faced. One of this year’s topics was “Social and Cultural Issues – Creating a Gracious Lifestyle”.

InternChina- The Global Mall in Chengdu

The fact that Chengdu hosted the WCEC this year displays the city’s growing importance and that more and more Chinese businessmen are willing to invest into Sichuan’s capital. Therefore, currently it’s a great time to get your career kick-started with an internship in Chengdu. At present, getting work experience is one of the best personal investments you can  make in China.

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