Chengdu IC Trip to Kangding

Chengdu IC Trip to Kangding


Blog written by Cassie Chen.
On the 16th of October we started our second Internchina Kangding trip. I’m from kangding and I was happy that I can show our interns my city. With 12 people we rented a private bus and started off our trip with a kind driver. It was a 10 hour drive from Chengdu to Kangding and along the way we could already see the stunning mountains! Everyone was very excited to explore Kangding, but we still had some hours to go before we arrived.

InternChina Chengdu Trip to Kangding
InternChina – Trip to Kangding

After the 10 hour bus ride, we arrived at our destination! I took the interns to the hostel. The hostel wasn’t far from where we stopped and we had a nice walk up the cold mountain to the hostel. The hostel is small, but it’s very cozy with lovely people working there. The owners are a western couple, who fell in love with the Tibetan culture and landscape scenery. From the hostel you can see the view of Kangding city, and can see one of the highest mountain in Asia from our window.

InternChina Chengdu Trip Hostel Kangding
InternChina – Hostel in Kangding

After we sorted everything out in the hostel, we went to the city center. Our city is very colourful in the evening. We joined local people dancing a traditional Tibetan dance, I used to dance it every day when I was in high school. Now back in the city again, it was nice to dance with our interns!

InternChina Chengdu trip to Kangding City
InternChina – Kangding City

In the morning we gathered at 6:30 to see more of Kangding. We were lucky enough to see the lovely sunrise . We drove up the mountain and stopped a few times, because the car was getting tired and so we could see more of Kangding. The big stop was at Zheduoshan. It was very colourful and very beautiful and we took some beautiful pictures. Zheduo shan is 4500 meters high, on the top of the mountain, watching the sunrise , we felt like we were on top of the world!

InternChina Chengdu Sunrise in Kangding Mountain
InternChina – Sunrise in Kangding Mountain
InternChina Chengdu Trip Kangding Mountain
InternChina – Kangding Mountain

After that we were heading to Xinduqiao, xinduqiao is known as a paradise for photographers due to the wonderful natural lights and stunning landscape here. The best time to do photography during the year is autumn, lucky we visited there in the best season! We stopped a few times, enjoying the amazing view and fresh air.

InternChina Chengdu Trip to Xinduqiao, Kangding
InternChina – Xinduqiao

Yaks were everywhere, everything is just so natural, I’m lucky I can grow up in such a beautiful and amazing place!

Later we arrived in Tagong grassland and it is very different from Chengdu. Tibetan flags on the mountain, Tibetan people with their horses, blue sky, it really made us feel free. The interns told me they have never been to Tibet, but felt like we were in Tibet!

InternChina Chengdu Trip to Tagong Grassland
InternChina – Tagong Grassland

Rosie-one of our interns, she took the coolest picture of us in Tagong

InternChina - Local people riding their horses in Tagong
InternChina – Local people riding their horses

After we got back to Kangding city, they went back to the hostel, had dinner with the owner, which is an American couple , they have been living here for 10 years. They told the interns about their life experiences in Kanding, talked something about Tibetan culture.

InternChina Chengdu Kangding
InternChina – Kangding
InternChina Chengdu Kangding city Zhilam Hostel
InternChina – Zhilam Hostel

Afterwards I went home, visited my grandma with my parents, and they cooked for me, yeeee~ nice to be at home!

The next morning we made our way back to Chengdu. It was a great everyone enjoyed the trip, a little bit sad that we said goodbye to this amazing city! My amazing city!
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