Chinese wedding

Chinese wedding

InternChina – Wedding

InternChina – Wedding Decoration

One thing should be emphasized right from the beginning: If you have the chance to join a Chinese wedding, do not hesitate to do so!
Last weekend my host family and I were invited to join such a special event. The wedding started at 11am so I was only expecting a small and short ceremony with a few snacks. Surprisingly, as we arrived I saw a bunch of people waiting for the bridal pair in front of a luxurious hotel.

InternChina – Wedding Cake

As soon as the limousine arrived, an impressive drum concert started, cannons shot confetti and traditional Chinese “Lions” started to dance around them. Afterwards, we took a seat in a big hall, decorated in white and blue which is not common in China as Chinese weddings are usually in red.

We were served around thirty dishes, including premium fish and meat, fine wine and traditional Tsingtao beer.
Fortunately, I had a great view of the catwalk which lead to the stage where the marriage took place and a nice Chinese moderator lead us through the rest of the program, consisting of a saxophone solo, a torch show, singing performances and  of course the performance of the bridal pair (the bride changed her dress three times!!!).
All in all it was an awesome experience which I am so glad I was apart of!