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Frequently Asked Questions

Our interns are a mixture of undergraduate students, postgraduate students and recent graduates. Their aim is to gain real-world experience in their sector of interest, develop new skills and put their theoretical knowledge into practice.

The programme is free for interns and there are no restrictions on nationality or a student’s subject of study. This inclusive approach means that we can conduct a competitive application process and recruit interns based on their motivation and ability.

We have worked closely with a large number of universities for over 12 years, primarily in the UK, Mainland Europe, North America and Australasia. Most of our applicants are students or recent graduates from universities in these countries/regions.

The interns have top Academic backgrounds that may include:

International Business | Computer Science & IT | Digital Marketing | Creative Design | Media, Communications, & Publishing | Engineering | Finance | Environmental Tech and Sustainability | Health, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals | Hospitality, Tourism & Events | International Development | Law | Logistics & Supply Chain Management | Recruitment & HR | Urban Planning & Architecture and many, many more.

We run flexible start dates all year round. In-person internships and remote internships may differ. For inquiries regarding our in-person programmes, please speak directly to our team. See below for example durations for remote internships:

Our minimum internship duration is 180 hours. The internship schedule is flexible to fit both your business and your interns. Some example internship schedules could be:

Full-time internship 35 hours/week for 6 weeks. This could work well for a more intense project and fit in with a student’s summer or Easter break, or immediately after graduation.

Full-time Internship – 25 hours/week for 8 weeks. These weekly hours might allow for a small amount of part-time work or light study alongside a student’s internship.

Part-time Internship – 15 hours/week for 12 weeks. This format fits perfectly into one academic semester, allowing students to align the internship with their studies.

If you are at all concerned about the feasibility of hosting interns, please contact us.

We established this programme to give companies of all types, sizes and locations access to our interns. In the past we have worked with startups, SMEs, national and multinational organisations, as well as public-sector organisations and NGOs. Some of our partners have one intern at any time, some have 3-4 across various departments.

Amazing! This is the perfect outcome for us, the intern and their university. We’ll celebrate with you each time you hire a graduate as a result of our internship programme.
Internships of 2 months (full time) or 4 months (part-time) are expected to be unpaid. Full time internships of 3 months or longer should be paid to the equivalent of a local graduate salary in your global location.

Interns work using their own laptops. The key considerations for your business in relation to your interns are:

  • Purchase any necessary software that is needed for the role, which the intern does not already own.
  • Provide a safe online working environment for your intern.
  • Include your intern in your business’ professional environment and give them a platform to experience what life is like in your business day-to-day.
  • Provide a suitable orientation and regular feedback for your intern.
  • Find a balance between generating positive outcomes for your business and giving interns a platform to put skills into practice and learn new things.

The cost of working with us are clear:

  • Membership is free
  • 2-3 month remote and in-person internships do not require a salary and are accredited and funded by the top Universities in the world
  • Any salaries paid to longer-term interns (see ‘how much should I pay my interns?’ above)
  • Any specialist software needed for your interns to complete their daily work for your business

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