Cooking Class

Cooking Class

InternChina – Cooking Class

InternChina – Preparing Food

As you all know food is always a central point of Chinese culture. Therefore the team at InternChina organized a professional cooking class where two typical Chinese dishes were cooked: firstly, scrambled eggs with fresh tomatoes, secondly, diced chicken with spicy peanuts.

After the chief of the kitchen gave us an interesting cooking show, where he impressively showed us how to prepare the dishes, it was our turn to cook. Each person got his or her own “supervisor” which meant nobody could do anything wrong and every dish was more or less “acceptable” 😉

InternChina – Flames of Taste

But take care of your fingers: as you see on the pictures Chinese knifes are HUGE and not comparable to knifes in Europe. Additionally, you should be aware of the fact that in a Chinese kitchen you always find gas stoves which means that occasional spurts of flames are unavoidable.

Résumé: we all had a great evening and ate a lot (especially Leo from InternChina because it turned out that he was the unofficial “Pretester” of every single meal).