Creating a Work-Life Balance

Creating a Work-Life Balance


“In life, you will always be juggling spare plates with work and family but your health is the most fragile. And if your health shatters, then it’s harder to fix.” – Natalie Simpson (Talkout)

With the integration of remote working, creating a balance between work and life at home may seem impossible. In this blog, we will be discussing the possible solutions to help gain a healthy balance. 

First, the importance of such balance will not only help your mental wellbeing but also your productivity within the workplace. Projects will seem less like a chore, and your general mood will be more positive. Not only this, but you are likely to have fewer health problems. Being overworked, stressed and tired can cause our bodies to suffer. Once we do find that balancewe become more mindful and dedicated to our work. As well as being able to rest when rest is needed.

Tips for obtaining a work-life balance

Take your holiday days

Whilst having a holiday may seem like a luxury, it’s extremely important for our wellbeing to get a much needed break from work. Doing so will not only decrease stress, but it has been linked to an increase in productivity once back at work.

Implement breaks on your work days

Taking time to have a walk, a coffee break or even a stretch is good for your own mental wellbeing. Humans were not designed to stare at glaring screens for an excessive amount of time. Having that small break may not seem like a lot, but it allows you to rest your eyes and get some exercise and fresh air.

Ask for guidance

Lastly, asking for advice from your co-workers will give you the opportunity to chat and collaborate with someone. You may also end up finding a fantastic resolution to your work-life balance. To enable these talks, you can set up a meeting or put out a check-in for your co-workers. This way, you can see how your colleagues are feeling and then find out new ways to balance your work-life.

Another way in which you can look for guidance is by attending courses through companies to help you reach a good balance. Talkout is a company that provides expert training and guidance for employees to ensure their health and wellness becomes a priority in the workplace.

Talkout has trained over 1000 employees to achieve better well-being in the workplace. They have accomplished this through their highly recommended Mental Health Awareness Training Courses.

Natalie Simpson, a mental health trainer from Talkout, joined us to deliver a new webinar exploring the importance of mental health and how to find a good work-life balance. The webinar was delivered virtually and will be featured in our events library soon.