Ello ello everyone,
I went to a certain “Crocodile park” with my host family on Saturday. It was definitely interesting, although the novelty admittedly wore off after about an hour. There were monkeys, pigs and crocodiles. Quite the combination.

Afterwards, they took me to the periphery of Zhuhai and we visited a traditional Guangdong village along with a war memorial commemorating the British defeat at Zhuhai. Mind you, the Brits did end up with the Pearl of the Orient, i.e. Hong Kong.

Overall it was a very nice Saturday. The mountain was so peaceful and had wonderful fresh air. It is actually a nature reserve so any development is not allowed in the area. It was a nice departure from the hustle and bustle of the city! And peculiarly enough, on top of this mountain, I had Hong Kong cell phone service…rather strange!

Can’t wait to fill you all in on my MACAO adventures next weekend! 🙂