Dalian – Major city and seaport in the south of Liaoning Province

Dalian – Major city and seaport in the south of Liaoning Province


Dalian is the Southernmost city of Northeast China and China’s northernmost warm water port, at the tip of the Liaodong Peninsula. Dalian is the province’s second largest city and it is often recalled as a bathing paradise.

Let me give you a little more inside about the three main areas in Dalian.
It is always a good idea to check out the downtown area. The one in Dalian presents the historical heritage, exotic flavor and modern charm of the city. The Zhongshan Square, which is also called ‘Nicholas Square’ is the central landmark and due to a mixture of Western style buildings of Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance designs it got the name ‘Oriental Wall Street’. If you don’t feel like walking, you should definitely tour the city in an antique trolley car from the early 1900s.

InternChina – antique trolley car

If you love the Ocean you should definitely check out the BinhaiRoad. Don’t forget to bring your significant other because it is also called “Valentine’s Road”. In case you are newly weeds, you should go check out the area of Birds Nest Mount Range and the Great Northern Bridge. Binhai road is 32 km long and offers a lot of restaurants and shopping opportunities.

InternChina – BinhaiRoad

Xinghai Park is situated on the Southwestern side of Dalian City and borders Xinghai Bay from which it takes its name. Some 800 meters in length, the park has luxuriant trees and flowers on the landward side while the coastal side comprises a beach of golden sands.

The park attracts many visitors as it is a haven of tranquility as well as offering excellent facilities for bathing. As well as the natural beauty of the park the visitors will be drawn to the architectural delights of the Qile Pavilion, Wanghai Pavilion and Yingchao Pavilion that are connected by footpaths.

The Tanhai Cave can be seen in the Eastern cliffs. The name of the cave means ‘exploring the sea’ and as you descend the steps within it you will find the sea-spray rising at your feet, a truly amazing sight!

Another feature in the park is the Sun Asia Ocean World where you can observe many of the often bizarre creatures that live in the sea. This aquarium is the first in China to have an underwater tunnel from which you can see the marine life. In addition you will see the world’s first underwater pyramid! This is the only museum in China dedicates to a fine collection of fossils from all over the world, each one being several hundred million years old.

InternChina - Xinghai Park in Dalian
InternChina – Xinghai Park

Dalian and its cuisin, breathtaking views, 7 million people and endless white beaches is definitely worth visiting. If you want to read more about InternChina and its internship locations, click here.