Dong’Ao Island Trip

Dong’Ao Island Trip

This weekend I decided with a friend to go and have an Island trip in the South China sea Archipelago (104 islands), on the Zhuhai coast.
We took a 50 minute ferry from Zhuhai to Dong’Ao Island where we rented a tent on the Beach (Sa’Tan). The beach is clear, salty and soooo nice and warm to swim in. After our initial dip we decide to go island exploring and so packed a waterproof bag and left our stuff in the tent, and proceeded with our Robinso Crusoe adventure. We found another smaller beach with some fisherman huts, but decided to keep going, and ended up doing some sea rock climbing for 40 min until we reached a secluded beach with white sand where we decided to make camp.

This being the Chinese sea, there is a bit of plastic and debris on the coastline, but the water was clear and clean. The debris provided us with rope, a hook and a big stick of which we created a fishing rod, we then tried out our fishing skills on the jumping fish we kept seeing…which aren’t that great as we lost the hook! 😀

So we resorted to our pre-prepared picnic and lying on the beach for hours. We then decided to head back, as we didn’t really feel like rock climbing in the dark, but found a path higher up which led us to the initial beach with the fisherman, with whom we had some tea!

We had a barbeque on the beach for dinner and fell asleep to the waves crashing down on the sand…Sweet.

I am highly looking forwards to my next weekend Beach trip, Viva my internship with Internchina and living in the tropics!

Hope to see you all in China,