Sustainable Global Experience™

Sustainable Global Experience (SGE) is a short study tour with Carbon Literacy at its core. Through this programme, we strive to make climate education accessible to every student.

1 Week Online And 1 Week In Europe

On this programme, students will explore the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in theory and practice, completing one week of Carbon Literacy Training and one week on a five-day field trip.

Phase 1 - Digital Components

  • 12 hours of Carbon Literacy Training
  • Access to Pagoda’s online skills courses
  • Join an online community through the Pagoda Portal
  • Live online events and networking opportunities
  • Digital certificates from Pagoda & Carbon Literacy Project
  • Lifetime access to the Pagoda alumni network

Phase 2 - 6 day Sustainable Field Trip

  • 1 week study tour in Brussels
  • Tours, masterclasses & networking events
  • Engage with public & private sector organisations
  • Sustainable group travel and hostel accommodation
  • Enquiry-Based Learning group projects and presentations
  • Full on-site support from the Pagoda team
  • Carbon emissions offset by 150%

About Pagoda Projects

Pagoda Projects is a leading provider of internships and sustainable global experiences. We work with universities and companies around the world to provide quality internships that enhance students’ international employability.

Programme Details


This programme is fully funded for eligible students, although students will be invoiced for a refundable £50 deposit.

Deposits are refunded at the successful end of the programme, minus any cleaning fees or additional charges. Please note that daily spending money for food is not covered by our programme fees.

Carbon Literacy Project

Carbon Literacy is “an awareness of the carbon dioxide costs and impacts of everyday activities, and the ability and motivation to reduce emissions, on an individual, community and organisational basis.” More than 1,700 organisations across the UK and internationally have empowered their teams with Carbon Literacy Training including the NHS, the BBC, and Manchester City Council.

On this programme, you’ll complete 12 hours of Carbon Literacy Training and submit a pledge to gain certification from the Carbon Literacy Project. This is widely recognised as a personal and professional commitment to tackling climate change.

Field Trip

The field trip puts your carbon literacy training into practice, as you’ll explore the city of Amsterdam or Brussels through a carbon-conscious lens. We’ll travel and live sustainably, with minimal impact on the environment and meet with local people and businesses that are adopting sustainable practices. 

Any carbon generated will be offset 150% through Gold Standard offsetting projects. Throughout the week, you’ll work on an Enquiry-Based Learning (EBL) group project, exploring the sustainability of local businesses and presenting your findings to the group.

Pre-Departure Event

Pagoda will host a virtual pre-departure event where participants will have the chance to have their questions answered. A recording of the event will be provided to those unable to attend.


According to the International Energy Alliance’s (IEA) 2020 Tracking Transport Report, ships, planes and road vehicles make up almost three-quarters of global transport emissions.

Urban and high-speed trains are one of the most sustainable, long-distance transport methods. 

Eurostar’s high-speed trains are the most carbon-efficient option when travelling between London and neighbouring European cities. On average, travelling on the Eurostar emits 10 times less carbon per passenger compared to a short-haul flight to the same destination.


Reflecting the programme’s core ethos of low-carbon living, the group will stay in high-quality hostels. This supports and demonstrates sustainable and environmental practices. The hostel will be situated in, or close to, the city centre with excellent public transport links.

Private rooms can be requested, however, this additional cost will need to be covered by the student. 

Tourism & Free Time

Organised guided tours and visits to local attractions will welcome you to your city. All entrance fees are covered as part of the programme and the group will be fully supported and supervised throughout the activity by a friendly member of the Pagoda staff.

Participants will have their evenings free throughout the programme to explore the city and bond with their fellow teammates. A Digital Welcome Pack of the city’s (arguably) best sustainable attractions, shops and restaurants will also be provided.

Pagoda Portal

The Pagoda Portal is a digital hub for our student community. You can use it to network with other interns, locate key information and register for online skills courses. 

Our online skills courses focus on Employability, Digital Competency and Intercultural Fluency. They’ll provide you with the skills and agility needed for a global and ever-changing workplace

Programme Dates

Summer 2024 programme

Carbon Literacy Training starting the week – 24/06/2024

Brussels 30/06/2024 – 05/07/2024


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Summer 2024 programme

Brussels 30/06/2023 – 05/07/2023