Easter Brunch in Qingdao

Easter Brunch in Qingdao

We all love celebrating Easter with our families at home, but right now we are in Qingdao and very far away from home. But it doesn’t matter – Intern China planned a wonderful and delicious Easter brunch for all interns together last Sunday!

The interns were very happy about the idea to have an Easter brunch and were all very excited (would it be more Chinse food or real Western food? Will there be cheese? And what about bread?).

We organized the Easter brunch in one of the best Western restaurants in Qingdao: “Sparks Café & Brewery”. It is located directly in the middle of Qingdao´s business center, near the ocean and beautiful Wusi Guangchang.

To wake up early Sunday morning is not my most favorite activity, but this time I was so happy and curious about the brunch, that I didn’t have a problem to wake up early at all!

Everything was already prepared when we arrived. We had the choice between tea, orange juice and coffee and also between fried eggs, a vegetarian omelet and a ham/cheese omelet! It was so good!

Four people were sharing one basket of bread and croissants and a big plate with fruits & vegetables! But the most delicious and best plate was the one with 2 different kinds of cheese… after a very long time we finally had the opportunity to eat cheese again!

Beside this we also had yoghurt, butter, marmalade and more on the table – everything you need for a perfect Easter brunch!!!

All in all, it was a very delicious and a wonderful experience to have an Easter brunch in China, I felt like I am back at home.

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