Everlasting Memories

Everlasting Memories


All good things must come to an end.
After three and a half months here, it is time to say goodbye to my InternChina family. This summer has by far been one of the best in my life. I have met incredible people from all around the world and have shared many memories. I cannot thank Paul Bailey enough for taking me into his office this summer. This internship has taught me a lot about team work and how to work with Chinese staff. Janice, Henry and Cecilia have been wonderful coworkers and I thank them for all their help as it is not always easy to work in a country where you speak little of the language.

One of my most memorable moment in Zhuhai was when an intern told me I was the heart of IC and that I shouldn’t be leaving. I felt so proud but at the same time I felt really sad to leave. For three and a half months, I have been caring about these “kids” (yes most of them were older than me yet I felt like a mother to them sometimes).

InternChina - Rooftop party turns into a flat party!
InternChina – Rooftop party turns into a flat party!

Zhuhai is truly a great place to live and I have not met a single person here that will tell me otherwise. I would recommend this adventure to anyone in this world, the feeling of living in China is indescribable.

InternChina has opened my eyes to great things. While I was working at the IC office, I was in charge of planning trips, activities and dinners. As there were a lot of interns this summer, many things can go wrong but you always have to take all critics in and solve all problems the best way you can. The fact that I made mistakes made me learn and gain more confidence in myself.

InternChina has given me the opportunity to meet great people but most of all great friends. A reunion will be planned next year in London for an interns reunion (looking forward to this). Everything in Zhuhai has been perfect from M2 to 88 to London Lounge to meeting many expats, my time here has been more than amazing.

InternChina - London Lounge= my favorite bar
InternChina – London Lounge= my favorite bar

Individual thanks:

Janice: Thank you for being my translator! You have helped me so many times calling Naima and many others. You have been a great help for everything, I will miss you a lot as my coworker but mostly as a friend!

InternChina - Cutie pies!
InternChina – Cutie pies!

Cecilia: You arrived not too long ago. You and I have the same personality and I just love the way you are. Thank you for your help as well, Zhuhai IC office couldn’t have done it without you.

InternChina - Our Disney girl
InternChina – Our Disney girl

Henry: You were the first one I met in Zhuhai. You came to pick me up with your car and helped me with all of my luggage. From this day, you and I have become very close friends. I will forever be grateful for all you have taught me here, for your kindness every day and of course for your teaching of innapropriate chinese sentences. 😉

InternChina - My sweet Henry
InternChina – My sweet Henry

Kristin: You have only been here two weeks but you and I have already been through a lot (SHENZHEN!!!!) I believe you are all set for the next 6 months. I have taught you everything that I know and hope for the best in Zhuhai.

InternChina - Shenzhen partner in crime!
InternChina – Shenzhen partner in crime!

Paul: Last but not least, thank you Paul! Thank you for everything! You have been such a good laoban. I never thought I could match fun and work together but you definitely proved me wrong. I will be back to visit for sure!

InternChina - Dragon Boat Festival
InternChina – Dragon Boat Festival

Everyone else working at IC, thank you for accepting me in your family. Thank you Lutz for all your Wechat help, thank you Clare for being my second Laoban and giving us a hand in Zhuhai for a couple of days, thank you Jack for popping in for a couple of days (the food was great with you) and thank you to all of the other IC staff members and interns. I will forever remember all of you!

Internchina - Last day in the office!
Internchina – Last day in the office!

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