Exclusive Interview with Taylor Grimmer at Recycling Times Media

Exclusive Interview with Taylor Grimmer at Recycling Times Media


We spent a morning with the Overseas Brand Marketing Manager for Recycling Times Media Corporation to ask him a few questions about his company, internships and China. Here is a brief summary of what he had to say. For the full interview with Taylor go to our YouTube channel.
Taylor Grimmer RT

Could you introduce us to your company?

Recycling Times Media or RT Media is an industry publication for the print consumables industry. We publish a monthly magazine and organise trade shows for suppliers, retailers, wholesalers and franchisers to meet face to face and discover new products.

Tell us about your internship positions.

Whilst there are some baseline duties that our interns are required to fulfil (mainly managing our overseas social media channels), it is my approach to lay out the ground work of what the brand marketing department does, and then help guide interns into a project based roll that best suits their skills, interests and timeframes with the company.

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What are the benefits for an intern coming to RT Media?

We have 50 employees here in Zhuhai, and out of them only two are non-Chinese; so any interns coming from outside of China to work here will get a very unique and wholly Chinese experience.

Tips for an intern to get the most out of their time in China.

I think it’s important to try stray off the beaten path a little bit, a little bit of adventurous spirit can go a long way. Chinese are extremely and notoriously accommodating, so it’s really important to not be too intimidated by the big cultural and language barriers.

Describe a part of business culture etiquette in China.

When you take a business card always use two hands and take time to examine the content of the card.

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How do you like living and working in Zhuhai

I really like it! Zhuhai is an amazing city; we have the coast here, we have great proximity to Macau and Hong Kong, and of course it’s always easy to get out into the countryside if you are looking to explore some of the more traditional elements that China has to offer. RT

If you are excited about doing an internship with a company such as Recycling Times apply here.