Exploring wonderful Chengdu

Exploring wonderful Chengdu


I’m in sunny Chengdu on a marketing internship with InternChina, and the city already feels like a home away from home! Having backpacked around China last summer I fell in love with the country, but, of all the provinces I visited, my favourite was Sichuan. We began in Chengdu, declared a “foodie heaven” by UNESCO in 2011, and I indulged in local delicacies such as dàndàn miàn (noodles with spicy Sichuan pepper) and the famous local hotpot. Chengdu’s tea houses were also a personal favourite, and I even had a go at playing mahjong with some locals (to no avail!). I also discovered a more varied local culture when wondering the streets of Chengdu’s Tibetan quarter and admiring the many golden Buddhist sculptures for sale there.

InternChina – Sichuan Hotpot.
InternChina – Sichuan Hotpot.

I then bade farewell to the capital and made the journey to Jiuzhaigou further north. This place reminded me of a real-life fairyland with its’ sparkling turquoise lakes nestled between a huge valley. I could spend hours wondering around here and would recommend it to anyone in the Sichuan area!

Internchina - Jiuzhaighou.
Internchina – Jiuzhaighou.

Finally we ventured further north to explore more of “Sichuanese Tibet” where I wandered the vast grasslands that stretch toward the Tibetan plateau. You can even live amongst the locals in tents and go horse-riding along the plains if you want the full Tibetan experience.

Internchina - Abba Grasslands.
Internchina – Abba Grasslands.

Having graduated with a BA in History and Mandarin from the University of Exeter, I really wanted to come over and live in China. For me, Chengdu was an easy choice because of the culture I had experienced there, and even after a week here I’m finding it a very live-able city with a foreigner-friendly and laid-back vibe. On my first night the InternChina guys took me for Korean Barbecue which was lovely and everyone here at the office has been incredibly friendly and helpful.

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