Fashion in China

Fashion in China

When you think about Fashion in China, the first impression is always weird. Most people think that you can buy just Chinese clothes, for example the traditional chinese dresses “Qipao/旗袍”, which you can always see in television or on pictures! But that’s wrong!!
Before I came to China I put all my clothes which I had into my suitcase, actually I brought almost my whole wardrobe with me! The reason for that was that I was totally afraid that I cannot buy any clothes here and if they even have my size because the most Chinese people are shorter and smaller.

When I arrived at the airport I already started observing the Chinese people, especially the girls!! The girls were wearing high heels skinny jeans and very nice coats. I was positively surprised, because I didn’t expect this kind of fashion here in China. But of course on the other hand there are also some people, wearing jogging clothes with high heels for example or are going out just with pajamas! When you see fashion styles like this at the beginning you’re very surprised, because you don’t know fashion styles like this from Germany. But when you think about it and see the differences between Germany and China it’s amazing! Here you can wear everything you want and no one is looking at you like “oh my god what are you wearing?!” Here you are free to create your own style and do not have to follow the typical mainstream like in Germany!!

Chinese people love glitter and are very colorful!! When you see the Chinese people crossing the street with their awesome outfits in different colors and gemmy accessorizes you will start loving it!! I was directly impressed of that!!

As I arrived here I checked all shopping malls! All shopping malls are huge and you have a very big choice! You have all necessary shops which you already know from Germany, like H&M, Zara, Mango, VeroModa or Only. Therefore you don’t have to worry about any clothes; you can get everything here, like in Germany. The big shopping malls have also Armani, Prada, Louis Vuitton and more. The prices are quite similar to Germany.

The next important point are the sizes! Before coming to China, there are also a lot of worries about the sizes, which is also correct. The clothing sizes at H&M, Zara, Mango and other Western stores are the same, as we know it from our own country. But when you enter a Chinese store, you will see the difference. Actually, as a foreign person you have to pick one size bigger as you usually have. Of course not everyone! When you have the same body sizes like Chinese people you don’t have any problems. But basically you have to take mostly one or two sizes bigger as usual.

Another important point, which should be taken into consideration, is the shoe size! Luckily I don’t have such a big shoe size; therefore I can find shoes here very easily. It’s not the same size which I always wear; I have to take one size bigger as usual, then it fits perfectly! But girls with shoe size 40 will have some difficulties, because they don’t have bigger sizes than 40. Therefore it is very important to take your comfortable shoes always with you, in case you cannot find any shoes in your size here in China!

The very good thing in China is that you can go to the tailor and let you sew some clothes very easily and cheap! When you have very long legs and have problems in finding suitable jeans for you, you can always go to a tailor and let you sew jeans in your size. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about this! Moreover, when you are coming to China for an internship and missed the dress code for your company, you can easily sew some suitable clothes for your internship for less money!

All in all you don’t have to worry about the fashion in china! You can get everything here, which you already know from Germany!

Come here and let yourself be impressed by the Chinese fashion!!! Apply now via email or on our website!!