Featured Internship: InternChina

Featured Internship: InternChina


Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan Province, the most liveable city in West China and the fourth most liveable city in China. Located in the heart of the country it is the gate for travelers to Tibet in the West, Xi’an in the North and Kunming in the South. Chengdu’s history stretches back over 4000 years. Since the Chinese government started to promote the “Go West” campaign, hundreds of big international companies have moved their production to Chengdu and Chongqing.

InternChina - Internal Internships in Chengdu, Qingdao and Zhuhai
InternChina – Internal Internships in Chengdu, Qingdao and Zhuhai

What kind of business does InternChina do?

InternChina does not only place interns with companies in China, but we also arrange apartments or home-stays for our clients.  Therefore, we seek assistance from our own interns to help with the day to day running of tasks. We always have at least two interns based in each of our three China offices in Qingdao (East Coast of China), Zhuhai (South China near Hongkong) and Chengdu (Central China). We provide long-term internships (six months) as well as short term internships (one month or more).

What are the tasks of internal IC interns?

All interns at InternChina gain a proper understanding of all three business functions of company: besides marketing, that is Business Development and Customer Relationship Management. However, the head marketing intern specializes in marketing (and vice versa: the Business Development intern specializes in Business Development) and may also delegate some tasks to short-term interns.

InternChina - Chengdu Office
InternChina – Chengdu Office

Internship Task 1: Marketing

The intern responsible for marketing has two core responsibilities: the first is acquiring new interns through online and social media marketing; the other is communicating with IC clients who intern in China already. The latter task belongs to InternChina’s Customer Relationship Management, while the former supports the company’s business development and sales.

Both tasks almost completely rely on online and social media marketing. So the marketing intern makes use of all major (and some minor) western online and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, the InternChina blog, Instagram and so on. Also, InternChina marketing interns may take command of the companies newsletter. This could be to acquire new partner companies in Europe, America and Australia, as well as communicating with IC’s clients in the city. Furthermore, search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization can be overtaken by the marketing intern as long as he or she has experience in the field or wants to get an understanding of the matter.

Internship Task 2: Business Development

InternChina is like a bridge – connecting overseas interns with domestic or international partner companies. Once students are interested in taking an internship in China and have forwarded questions, every intern at InternChina answers these questions and then chooses qualified & appropriate internships based on the requirements of the partner companies. Furthermore, the Business Development interns are continually trying to build and maintain good relationships with existing and potential partner companies. And one more important thing for interns, is checking and ensuring the quality of work experience partner companies offer to our clients. IC interns need to ensure all interns are content with their placement and are able to gain valuable work experience as well as valuable memories.

What do our own interns think about their time with InternChina?

InternChina - Reference video from Tim
InternChina – Reference video from Tim

Tim was one of our short-term interns in the Chengdu office. He was mainly responsible for Business Development. Check out what he thinks about his internship with InternChina in Chengdu on the InternChina Youtube channel.

If you think InternChina would be a cool company to work for, then take a closer look at our career section  or apply now for other internships we offer!