Featured Internship – QDFN01 Brighture

Featured Internship – QDFN01 Brighture


You may not have heard of Qingdao before, but to Chinese people and westerners living in China, Qingdao is one of the most sought after living destinations in the whole country. The mix of clean air, pristine beaches, a moderate climate, active expat community and its close proximity to Beijing and Shanghai make Qingdao a dream location for ‘foreigners’ living in China. Qingdao is a city with over eight million inhabitants, about 2.5 million of which live in the downtown area, and boasts the third busiest shipping port in Asia.

InternChina - May Fourth
InternChina – May Fourth

The Qingdao featured internship this month gives you Brighture, a finance company situated near the downtown area of Qingdao near the infamous coffee street where there are many restaurants and places to relax and hide away. The office also is close by to a large shopping plaza, and supermarket. The firm is a professional finance and tax service company, composed of several teams of experienced staff with services covering tax consulting, accounting services, business consulting and more. Brighture is in an office complex on the 6th floor with several offices, meeting rooms and work places. The firm employs over 50 staff in this office but also has a branch in Shanghai it is regularly in contact with.

InternChina - Brighture office
InternChina – Brighture office

I was welcomed early morning (around 8.45am) on Monday to have a basic introduction and overview of the company and its functions; There, I met the friendly office manager and an IC intern – John, from the Netherlands. It is only John’s second week but he has already learned a lot, his main responsibilities are the following:

1. Working with foreign clients
The firm has two different types of clients; Firstly, Chinese companies in the Shandong province that need accounting assistance and book keeping services. Secondly, international enterprises that need business advice and consultation for when they want to create a business in Qingdao. Brighture works with a variety of clients in the jewelry business, supermarket business and many more industries. The intern is then able to help on the above projects.

2. Gaining an overview of the financial system in China
Financial systems in China have many similarities than in the west, but it is always complicated and a sometimes lengthy process to set up a business anywhere. John will be partaking and assisting in the entire process – From a firm having an initial entire idea of wanting to set up shop in china to making sure all financial legislation is complete, to making sure the company is  up and running in China

3. Working on the business consulting function of the firm.
John’s third role entails assisting his manager with the English consulting department of the company. These tasks involve talking to clients, working on VAT refunds, and informing customers of the business regulations in China and making the process easy and clear whilst cooperating with the accountants and other departments of the company.

‘’I’m really looking forward to learning about the Chinese financial structure and getting a better understanding of the local culture, it’s great as I help my boss who is the only foriegn person in the company but at the same time really get to know my Chinese colleagues well . I feel like I can learn a lot with Brighture’ If you want to here more about John’s time so far at QDFN01, watch his video review on youtube. 

InternChina - Finance Intern
InternChina – Finance Intern

Especially in the UK , I know first hand how difficult it is to obtain a finance internship during your university life. Many of my friends and peers go through the endless hoops and long applications in order to secure a summer position in the world’s largest banks and accounting firms. It is always good to know that you can successfully complete a finance internship with an international twist in China and really gain a lot of experience. John is here completing a two month internship and in his spare time plans to go to Shanghai to see the great Chinese party city and of course – clubbing and cultural activities.

If you are interested in this specific finance firm – Apply here and quote QDFN01 as a reference.