First impressions of my Internship in Zhuhai

First impressions of my Internship in Zhuhai


Hello! I’m Coral and I’m from England. I have recently moved to Zhuhai to undergo a 6 month internship in the InternChina office. I am currently a student at the University of Central Lancashire, and as part of my course I must take a compulsory year out in China, so where better to go than to the tropical city of Zhuhai!

I have never been to Zhuhai before, however I did grow up as an expatriate in Beijing for 10 years, so China is like a second home to me and my family. I was expecting this city to be very similar to what I was used to in Beijing (Polluted, crowded, noisy) but I was very wrong. Zhuhai has palm trees, green grass, driving laws and is actually surprisingly clean. So far, every day has been rainy and quite cool but supposedly the tropical, hot weather should be approaching soon.

InternChina - Jida Area
InternChina – Jida Area

My apartment is also much nicer than I was expecting (I lived in student accommodation in Beijing before moving here, that’s all that needs to be said) I share the apartment with one other girl, and it has a large living room, a decent sized kitchen and bathroom, a balcony and my bedroom is also quite big. I live in the Jida area of Zhuhai, and the small community surrounding the apartment block is very friendly, and consists of many Chinese restaurants and shops, giving me the opportunity to practice my mandarin on a daily basis!

InternChina - My apartment
InternChina – My apartment

I’m really excited to go out and explore this beautiful city a bit more, and hopefully have the opportunity to nip over the border into Macau at some point!

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