First Steps in Zhuhai

First Steps in Zhuhai

InternChina – Beata

Here I am, on a sandy coast, watching waves hitting the shore. I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed it… The sea… It’s fascinating how peaceful you can feel just from gazing at it. It’s beautiful in here. Zhuhai seems like a unique combination of a modern city with booming business and a peaceful seaside town with couples, holding hands, carelessly walking on the sea shore. I haven’t missed Beijing even for a fraction of a second.

You are probably wondering who is this person writing all these things in here? I should have introduced myself in the first place. My name is Beata and I am a new intern at Intern China’s Zhuhai office.  Originally from Lithuania, studied International Business with Chinese at Sheffield Hallam University (UK), spent 4 months at Beijing University of Chemical Technology doing a Chinese language course. Now I’m here in Zhuhai helping out at Intern China’s office.

If somebody would have told me where I’m going to be in four years’ time, I would have thought that they’re crazy.  For a small family like ours it was impossible to send me to study abroad and all the trips to China was simply out of my imagination. However, my life went in a very unexpected direction, simply because of the opportunities the Globalization time has brought us. Travelling has never been so easy and cheap as it is now.  Nor the communication – few clicks on the Internet and you’re already connected with people you need. So if there is anybody reading this, who has ever wondered about doing something crazy and travel somewhere unknown, this is the best time to do so! And there is no need to be threatened by the uncertainty which lays ahead, such companies like InternChina will take your hand and lead you from the very beginning till the very end.

( I know, I know this girl talks a hell of a lot! 😀 )

Have a nice week everyone!

My best wishes,