First Two Weeks in Qingdao

First Two Weeks in Qingdao

Hello everyone!My name is Sigrid and I have now been at InternChina for a little over two weeks. I study international management with international relations at university and after having just finished my second year of university at McGill, I am now doing a sales and marketing internship with the InternChina office.

My decision in coming to Qingdao is twofold; firstly, I wanted to experience something that was more ‘Chinese’ than the more familiar big Chinese cities. I wanted a proper experience in which I could learn as much as I possibly could about the key building-blocks that mould the Chinese way of doing business. My second reason, was because of the incredible opportunities which I will have in the future, not only in China, but all over the world due to the knowledge I will have leaving Qingdao in the end of August.
The cost of living was one of the major things that came as a shock to me. I had heard from others that the amount of money that would be spent would be little, but being here and experiencing daily Chinese life, I now realize how correct they were. With taxis, lunch, a beer costing a little over a euro, this place is paradise for a student like me!

Looking out of my office window and seeing this view;

InternChina – Office View

also reaffirms that this is the perfect and productive way to spend my 4 month summer vacation from school. I have sun, I have the beach, and I have an incredible experience that I will get to put on my CV and make me stand out that much more from my future competition.
So to conclude this blog:

Qingdao: Bring it.