From China to…

From China to…


One of the benefits of living in China is that you are well positioned to dip into new countries.  For those with a love of finding new places and experiencing interesting cultures it’s possible to conveniently and cheaply arrange flights all over Asia via low-cost local carriers.  Whilst China has an array of popular tourist destinations; The Great Wall, The Terracotta Warriors of Xi An, the Yangzi and Yangshuo rivers as well as the scenic masterpieces of Zhangjiajie and Jiuzhaigou tend to top the list, there are other unique and cost effective options well within reach from most of China.

InternChina - From china to... (Source:
InternChina – From china to… (Source:

Hong Kong, Macau and Guangzhou in the South East are excellent international hubs.  Beijing, Nanning and Shanghai have excellent low-cost flights if travelling from the north east.  Chengdu, Nanning and Kunming are some of the busiest in the west and south-west of China.  All provide excellent options for South East Asian destinations such as the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar and Cambodia to name but a popular few.

Once upon a time you may have spent months of planning and coughed up a large amount of cash for your big trip to Asia.  However once you’re based in China, even for a short time, it’s a massive plus to be able to arrange last minute holidays at low cost.  This is exciting to those who only have the slightest interest in travelling but for keen explorers it’s a golden ticket!  Why not experience China for an internship and springboard onto other Asian destinations to satisfy the wanderer in you?  Go on, spread your wings!

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