Fujian Trip

Fujian Trip

Fujian Trip
Two days in a completely different world: Swimming in a wild river, next to palms with bananas, far away from Chinese umbrella wearing tourist groups, drinking tea while talking with Fujian locals, finding sleeping dogs in your bathroom, seeing great fireworks every hour and having a barbecue with an incredible Chinese tour-guide and animator.

InternChina – Trip

Sounds amazing? Yes, it was. Just a ten hour bus ride, shared with Chinese families through the south of China brought us to the awesome place called Fujian.

We started our trip on Friday night after work and arrived in Fujian in the early morning. We were impressed of the terrific scenery and the cosy little hotel, where the hotel ‘staff’ washed the breakfast-dishes in the courtyard with well water and the women did their laundry in the river. There was also enough time to relax, go for a nap or to walk along the river and take a bath.
After lunch we started our tour to see the traditional Tolou round houses, built hundreds of years ago. Up to 100 meters long and five floors high stood a house so big that the whole village could live there. Many of us took to the original ‘Chinese way of traveling’ by taking many pictures of every important house in Fujian, from every single view: jump into the bus, jump out of the bus, take a picture, get into the bus. Although it was a very comfortable way to see as much of the impressing culture as possible.

InternChina – On the Road

In a very beautiful atmosphere, right next to all the tea plantations, between Chinese men playing cards and old women selling corn we got an awesome Chinese Barbecue, with a collective firework, a bar-tour alongside the river, Ice-cream, a lot of whole fishes on sticks and a completely different impression of China.
Instead of sleeping the whole Sunday, there were a lot of possibilities to discover Fujian and its surroundings again, by hiking and swimming in that gorgeous scenery. Of course there was a possibility to drink and buy a lot of tea before the bus started its way home.

InternChina – Team

Thank you everybody, that was an amazing trip.