German Summer Business Program

German Summer Business Program

We are pleased to announce that today we will be welcoming 37 German students of all ages from Hochschule Fresenius University of Applied Sciences to participate in the first ever German Summer Business Program in Qingdao, followed by an opportunity to work as an intern in a Chinese business environment.
Arrival and Culture week

When participants arrive, they will be greeted into China by a friendly team to make them instantly feel at home. Welcome packages will be handed out and a shared dinner will be set up to allow them to interact with other people in the same position. To make students feel even more comfortable and to get the most out of their experience, we have arranged a culture week starting the day after their arrival. On the 17th of July the students will spend three days in Shanghai followed by a further three days in Beijing. In Shanghai we will be visiting famous landmarks like the Technical Museum, the Shanghai Museum of Chinese Art – Chenng Hua Miao and opportunities to shop in Nanjing Lu.

InternChina – Shanghai

Then off to Beijing on the 20th to continue the tour of two of the most famous cities in the world.  In Beijing there will be the chance to visit TiananMen Square- the memorial hall of Chairman Mao, stop by some traditional Chinese neighbourhoods known as ‘hutong’ and take a look around the eagerly anticipated Great Wall of China at the Ba Da Ling site.  In the evenings there will be a chance to check out the nightlife of both cities, or if tiredness creeps in from all the touring, relax with a traditional Chinese massage.

InternChina – Great Wall

Business Program in Qingdao

After the cultural tour has come to an end, applicants will arrive in Qingdao on the 22nd of July and will be either collected by host-family or brought to the apartment, depending on prior arrangements. The homestay option has proven to be successful as it presents students with the opportunity to get to know more about the Chinese culture and we are told all the homestay families are really excited to host the German students. Both living arrangements will give students a chance to find out more about upcoming events without leaving them in the dark. Once settled, the next day will be the start of the Business Studies course at Ocean University, where the students will be greeted with an opening ceremony and will be guided through what is in store for them in the coming weeks.  There will be three weeks of classes with first time to China classes available. The lessons will run from 8am till 4pm, Monday to Friday with a lunch break at 1pm. Lessons will include Basic Chinese, Business Management in China, Chinese Culture and China and the World Economy to name a few!

There are key activities to keep all students entertained and it may be helpful for anyone in Qingdao to make a note in their diary.  KungFu classes will be on offer on the 28th of July and either a climbing activity in Fushan or a hike in Laoshan is available on the 4th of August. There is also an option on the 11th of August between a cooking class and a Beerfest which is the 3rd biggest Oktoberfest in the world so for beer and festival lovers, it is one not to miss!

Internship in a Chinese workplace

The Business Program will end on the 10th of August and the students have three days to refresh before they start an internship on the 13th in Qingdao. While they may be working hard in the day, there is still plenty of opportunity for them to enjoy their surrounds in the evening and on weekends. With activities such as sailing, calligraphy classes and organised trips such as the one to Golden Beach on the 1st September, there will so much going on boredom will not be possible.

For all those who will be joining us from Hochschule Fresenius University, our team at InternChina will do our upmost to make sure you enjoy yourself and get valuable experience which will benefit you in the future. We wish you all a safe journey and can’t wait to meet you all 🙂