Webinar with Global Sports Brand – Hummel

Webinar with Global Sports Brand – Hummel


Thursday, 13th August 2020, we hosted a fantastic event: Fireside Chat with Global Sports Brand – Hummel

Introduction of the event

Founded in 1923, Hummel is a Danish footwear and sportswear brand with deep roots in football and handball. Hummel is one of the oldest, most dedicated team sport brands in the business.

It is amazing to discuss and learn how businesses have reacted through a global pandemic and it’s been inspiring listening to their strategies and future plans during and after Covid-19.

”The key during the pandemic is to make sure that we stay with our key partners Because you can’t expect to gain new business during this period  because a lot of key accounts are pushing back and cancelling orders … the most important is to keep the head above water.”  Liam O’Dwyer

Liam O’Dwyer – Hummel UK Country Sales Manager, is now dedicated to improving his success and becoming a role model for the younger generation.

Stephen Mckiernan – Hummel UK Country Sales Manager, a highly determined, conscientious, and commercially-minded sales professional with a proven ability to deliver superior results within the wholesale fashion industry.

Moderator of Pagoda Projects:

Jamie Bettles – Pagoda Projects Managing Director

Topic discussed

This webinar covered a variety of topics. We heard about Hummel’s key strategy of ensuring they stay with their key partners during this period as you can’t expect to gain new business right now due to a lot of key accounts pushing back and cancelling orders. We observed that the Covid situation has had both positive and negative effects as well as how important marketing is to a company and the challenges of establishing the brand in UK.

Top quotes:

‘’You have to find a gap that’s the most important, something that is not out there already or you have to be an entrepreneur in the fact and see the bigger picture on things… just go for it and if you fail it’s not the end of the world you do it again or you win’’ – Liam O’Dwyer

‘’The marketing side is something that is important to any business and it’s something I feel that we haven’t quite got involved at the moment’’ – Stephen Mc Kiernan

‘’ The main challenge is how to build the brand and build the exposure (from the different channels on social media) because it wasn’t there initially.’’ – Liam O’Dwyer


Any Company, any factor, any organization seeks to achieve success but to achieve the success hard work comes first which Hummel proved that with their success.

Being on Top requires, Team work ,Time management, Responsibility and Hummel discussed and gave tips about all three of these skills during our Webinar. What the companies should focus on is what they  need, Recognition, Higher Sales Records, Managements? The bottom line of the marketing is knowing your customer and provide them what they need. That’ s a win!

Golden Tip

Anybody who’s starting his business from scratch is very brave, it’s all about having the believe on what you do and having a positive strength.