GoChina has Launched!

GoChina has Launched!


InternChina Launches Once in A Lifetime Trip

GOCHINA, a once in a lifetime opportunity to immerse in the Chinese culture though a month-long trip that enables 16- 18 year olds to explore the sights of Beijing and Qingdao, learn Chinese and immerse themselves in the culture.

The application process has been launched with a limited number of spaces available for students heading to China in July 2015. The programme is designed to fulfil the high-demand from 16-18 year olds who have a desire to experience China.

The programme builds upon the success of Intern China, which provides and supports internships for British university students in China.

Managing Director, Jamie Bettles states:

‘I think by going abroad, you can generally broaden your horizons, learn new things and gain new perspectives from the people around you, so I am happy to be able to see people doing this with help from our company’.

Universities Minister, David Willetts explained to The Telegraph that he believes that international education “enriches the outlook of British students and make them more employable”, following a report from the Confederation of British Industry which found that almost three-quarters of companies were dissatisfied with students’ language skills and “shortfalls in their international cultural awareness”


Intern China has provided over 1000 students and graduates with internships since 2007 and continues to grow. The launch of Go China means it is set to enable younger students to immerse themselves in Chinese culture, learn Mandarin and benefit from Intern China’s expertise and contacts in this industry.