Good bye dinner

Good bye dinner

InternChina- Leo is leaving Qingdao!

Some of you might know Leo our terrorist 🙂
As InternChina is expanding, with a new office in Zhuhai, it has to be occupied by staff too…
Now the bad news for those who will stay in Qingdao…
Leo is going to leave to Zhuhai and he won´t come back…
Everybody is very sad about it, because Leo is one of the nicest and most helpful people I ever met and I imagine the others think the same as me.
Even if he was very busy, he took his time for the people who needed him and helped them first – even in situations like the following one 😉

InternChina- Leo working hard in the office

On Thursday Leo organized a last good bye dinner at a very delicious Korean restaurant and we had a really good time there, but afterwards when everybody slowly started to recognize that Leo won´t be there at the office the next day anymore, the atmosphere got calmer, as Leo became a friend to all of us in this short time.

I wanted to wish Leo in the name of InternChina and all of the other interns all the best for his path of life and hope he will be happy at the new destination and the new surroundings there.

Have a nice time and hope to see you again…
Maybe next internship in Zhuhai 😉