Goodbye China

Goodbye China


Four month already?? Wow time flies by .. I still remember how Paul and Jessica were waiting for me at the airport, my first week in the Office in Chengdu, .. how exciting everything was. All these new impressions of being the first time1 in China.
Although some people believe it is quite hard to settle in China, personally I felt home very fast. Without speaking Chinese, communication can be quite hard sometimes. Here and there it was challenging, but there is always a way around I have learned. Pointing on pictures in a restaurant, using your arms and legs or just get out a small dictionary in the middle of a conversation. It was really exciting and interesting and so many funny moments I won´t forget very soon.

InternChina allowed me to meet so many people from all over the world which made my China experience unforgettable. But other than that, I gained so many insights in the Chinese business world which was very interesting and useful for my future working career. Being aware of intercultural differences is very important nowadays – especially as an International Business Student. Although I was travelling a lot in the past years, I believe that China has the most interesting culture I was able to experience by far . Probably because it is so individual and different compared to the German culture.

A massive THANK YOU to the entire InternChina Team, because you made this experience so unforgettable. It was an amazing time and I would never want to miss it.

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